Eduardo Marbán, MD, PhD

Dr. Marbán is an international leader in cardiology and a pioneering heart researcher.

His 30-plus years of experience in patient care and research have led to key discoveries in gene and stem cell therapies for heart disease. The Marbán laboratory pioneered the concept of gene therapy to alter electrical excitability and created the first de novo biological pacemaker as an alternative to electronic pacemakers. The basic work has come full circle in that Dr. Marbán’s cardiac-derived cell products form the basis for four grant-funded clinical trials: one completed (CADUCEUS), and three ongoing (ALLSTAR, DYNAMIC and HOPE-Duchenne). The CADUCEUS trial was the first to show that cell therapy can repair “irreversible” tissue damage caused by heart attacks, ushering in the concept of therapeutic regeneration in humans.

  • Director, Heart Institute
  • Professor, Medicine