Bruce Gewertz, MD

Dr. Gewertz’s research focuses on human factors in delivery of healthcare and the distribution of surgical service. 

His clinical interests include cerebrovascular disease, especially intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring and outcome analysis, aortic aneurysmal disease and mesenteric ischemic syndromes. Since joining Cedars-Sinai in June 2006, Dr. Gewertz has provided professional leadership and oversight for a large surgical/interventional operation. A particular focus has been personnel and facility upgrades for a multidisciplinary effort in vascular interventions incorporating vascular surgery, cardiology, neuro-endovascular and peripheral interventions. Within the Department of Surgery, Dr. Gewertz has coordinated recruitments across the full spectrum of modern surgical care. The clinical activity of the department continues to increase, making Cedars-Sinai Surgery one of the largest surgical programs in the country. In his role as vice dean for Academic Affairs, he has concentrated on upgrading research efforts and administrative support for academic activities across the institution.

  • Surgeon-in-Chief, Chair of the Department of Surgery
  • Vice President for Interventional Services
  • Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
  • H & S Nichols Distinguished Chair in Surgery