Andrei Cherny

CEO • Aspiration


Andrei Cherny is co-founder and CEO of socially conscious online bank Aspiration and one of Investment News’ “40 Under 40” investment professionals. 

He has been an advisor to Fortune 100 companies, including some of America’s largest financial institutions; a senior fellow at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and at the Center for American Progress; the co-founder and president of Democracy Journal; and a financial fraud prosecutor. Andrei is also a former White House aide and President Clinton called Andrei a “critical part of the team” that brought about the economic successes of the 1990s. Andrei's 2000 book, The Next Deal, outlined how technology was transforming the expectations of consumers and citizens. He is also author of the bestselling history of the beginning of the Cold War, the Berlin Airlift and 1948 elections, The Candy Bombers. He graduated from Harvard University and the University of California Berkeley law school. Andrei is based in Los Angeles.