Our Story

C-Suite Media, Inc. was founded by in 2007 and  C-Suite Quarterly published its first issue in spring 2008; within the year, the country was headed into its worst recession since The Great Depression. Persevering through the economic downturn, the magazine built its reputation by relating the inspirational stories of successful business and community leaders from Westlake Village to Beverly Hills, complementing them with discerning lifestyle content. As the brand continues to grow and develop on page and online as well as through experiential events that celebrate the region and those driving it forward, we invite you to take part in this journey.

About Us

C-Suite Quarterly is Los Angeles and Ventura County’s preeminent publication and network dedicated to the business executive and their discerning lifestyle. Connecting the community at the highest level, CSQ profiles ultra high-net-worth, highly influential decision makers and thought leaders in the region.

With access to one of the most significant networks, in the most influential region, in the world, C-Suite Quarterly has quickly become the preeminent guide to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Packing a diverse collection of success stories into each issue, CSQ is both a timeless, and priceless, commodity for members of the C-Suite, or those aspiring to that level of leadership and lifestyle.